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31 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
My 2011  
The Good
World Hockey Juniors!
Discovery of all things Jonas Hummels
Early acceptance to UOttawa (January 13th)
Finding Les Chansons d'Amour (January 23rd)
Egypt revolution (January 25th - February 11th)
Watching Buffy (began February 12th)
Bastian calling Holger 'Justin Bieber' (February ??
Co-op in St. John's french class (March 3rd - June ??)
Guelph Storm game in box seats (March 5th)
Holocaust in Europe trip (March 11th – March 25th)
Acceptance to Hogwarts U of T (March 24th)
Acceptance to Queen's (March 25th)
Bye-bye LVG (April 10th)
Harry Potter 7 Part 1 released on DVD! (April 15th)
Mats Hummels says my name (April 21st)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer! (April 27th)
Starship youtube premier! (April 30th)
Osama Bin Laden announced dead (May 1st)
NDP become official opposition (May 2nd)
First ever Green Party MP elected into Parliament (May 2nd)
Learning ASL alphabet (May 10th)
3rd place & CL qualification secured! (May 7th)
Jan Delay on Eurovision (May 14th)
Acceptance to McGill! (May 19th)
Judgement Day hilarity (leading up to May 21st)
Unterhaching qualify for Pokal (May 24th)
Ratko Mladic arrested (May 26th)
Dance recital weekend (May 27th - 29th)
6th place in Marko's contest! (June 5th)
I aM mE win ABDC! (June 5th)
POTTERMORE (June 15th)
Got a job! (June 16th)
Last day of high school (June 20th)
All 24 hours of the last day of high school (June 20th)
FIFA Frauen WM (June 26th – )
On the roof (July 2nd)
Camp! (July 4th – August 12th)
South Sudan is a country! (July 9th)
Sending off applications! (July 11th)
Bayern get Boateng! (July 14th)
Shanghai 2011! (July 16th – 31st)
Jonas is captain! (July 20th)
Haching beat Freiburg (July 31st)
Early Pottermore registration (August 1st)
"Acceptance" to LMU (August 3rd)
FCB: can't touch this. (August 13th - October 15th)
Upward Ball Hockey Camp (August 15th – 19th)
Canada's Wonderland (August 23rd)
To Germany! (August 27th)
Trip to Marburg (September 1st)
Eliza contacts me! (September 1st)
Arrival in München, meeting Kasimir (September 2nd)
6 – 2, Deutschland ist in der EM dabei!! (September 2nd)
First Münchener Biergarten (September 3rd)
Meeting Jenny, WG prospects begin to look up! (September 5th)
First visit to the Allianz Arena (September 8th)
This entire day (September 10th)
Studienkolleg (started September 19th)
Steingaden! (October 10 - 12th)
Bayern - Hertha live! (October 15th)
Lybia is free (October 20th)
Leafs are 5-1-1 after second win against the Habs! (October 22nd)
Eine Woche Sturmfrei! (October 23rd - 29th)
Timo wins Film Award! (October 25th)
Days in Speyer (October 30th – November 3rd)
I officially live in Munich (November 4th)
Leafs first place in the NHL!! (November 4th)
Found a Wohnung

The Bad
Losing the World Hockey Juniors to Russia (January 5th)
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot (January 9th)
Mark van Bommel transfers to AC Milan (January 25th)
The death day of mine and Julia's friendship (February 15th)
Dentist appointments (February 14th and April 9th)
Bayern lose Pokal semi (March 2nd)
Huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan (March 11th)
Bayern out of CL (March 15th)
Marko not called up for NT (March 21st)
Another federal election called (March 26th)
El Clasico madness (April 20th – May 8th)
Conservative majority elected (May 2nd)
Fake bitches on my birthday (May 15th)
Ash cloud from volcano (May 21th)
Computer craps out (May 26th)
Last dance recital (May 29th)
Michael - Joachim saga (mid-June)
Canucks lose game 7 of Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver riots (June 15th)
Germany lose quarterfinal in Women's World Cup (July 9th)
Drama-rama @ WNG (July 18th – July 23rd)
Norway under attack (July 22nd)
Britta withdraws from Shanghai 2011 (July 28th)
Jonas Hummels mit Kreuzbandriss, fällt für 6 Monate aus (August 6th)
Waiting for Pottermore e-mails (all of August)
Saying goodbye (August 20th, 21st)
Jack Layton dies (August 22nd)
Failing G test (August 23rd)
Deutschtest (September 5th)
Wohnungssuche :| (September - November)
Air tragedy hits the KHL (September 7th)
Finally get Pottermore e-mail…it sucks. (September 29th)
Haching lose Pokal game vs. Bochum (October 25th)
Basti fractures his clavicle. (November 1st)

lindsay0819lindsay0819 on February 1st, 2011 11:05 am (UTC)
Soooooooooo sad that Mark left us, I was just getting to know him!! D:

Congrats on your early acceptance!!!!! :D